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Football in Bruges

  • A true local from Bruges supports Cercle. So me as well. Green & Black is in our DNA. Cercle fans are fraternized with the fans of traditional teams as Royal Football Club de Liège (matricule 4) and Royale Union Saint-Gilloise (matricule 10). Would like to experience the unique atmosphere ? Check out the ‘Football in Bruges’ package at I take care of the tickets and would be very happy to have you as my guest!
  • Cercle Bruges, matricule 12, is one of the oldest active teams in Belgium. They share the Jan Breydelstadium with Club Bruges. Cercle is the team of the local citizens. Club got better results and attracts fans from far beyond the city and province border. As football addicted as I am? Love to attend matches of old traditional football teams? Groundhoppers are especially welcome in my B&B. Check out the ‘Football in Bruges’ package at!
  • Cercle Bruges wan the Belgian Cup 2 times, last time in 1985. Cercle had a strong team trained by Georges Leekens and players as Courant, Kooiman, Krnčević en Ukkonen. Other famous Cercle players are Kalusha, Buffel, Claeys, De Sutter, Karačić, Weber, Munteanu, Musonda, Hasi, Benny Nielsen, Morten Olsen, Selymes, Soren Skov, Jules Verriest..  Groundhoppers, check out my ‘Football in Bruges’ package at and join me and my friends to a game!
  • ‘In De Vriendschap’ means ‘in all friendship’, so this is a particular convivial place near the Jan Breydelstadium. True fans prefer to gather in this popular café above a beer in the stadium. I support Cercle Bruges for over more than 30 years. If you would like to join me and my friends to a game, I am happy to introduce you! I also run a B&B in the historic centre, check out the ‘Football in Bruges’ package at!
  • The derby between Cercle Bruges and Club Bruges is mostly contested around the pitch. It’s all about the Bruges character. As a true local from Bruges supports Cercle and most fans of Club are no citizens, this aspect is always the main subject. The tifos made by Cercle fans are always very direct, as for example ‘Welkom in Brugge’, meaning ‘Welcome to Bruges’ as a taunt to the Club Bruges supporters. Would you like to experience the unique football atmospere in Bruges, check out my groundhopping deal at ww
  • In 2003 Cercle Bruges made promotion to the First Division of the Belgian Football League. The team was honoured at the Main Square in Bruges, together with thousands of fans. A new relegation followed in 2015. Nice thing however will be the games against Royale Union Saint-Gilloise (matricule 10) and Rafc (matricule 1). Love groundhopping and want to join me and my Cercle friends to a game? Check out the ‘Football in Bruges’ package at!

June 2, 1985. I will never forget that day. I attended my first game of Cercle Bruges with my father. It was a lifetime experience. We beat KSK Beveren in the Belgian Cup Final in Brussels. What a game that was! Only penalties. Paul Courant equalized in the 90th minute, 1-1. The following penalty shoot-out  ended in favour of my team and the party got on the way. I was ten years old and so impressed by the atsmosphere. From that day on, I became a Cerclist. I didn’t miss one single game and found great friends. Later on, we founded the ‘Cercle Posse’ and toured through Belgium and beyond. We fraternised with the fans of RFC Liège, Royal Antwerp FC and Royal Union Saint-Gilloise, all of them traditional football teams as Cercle Bruges. In 2005 I became Commercial Manager of the team. Last season a justified relegation to the Second Division took place. It will be a season of reflection and rebuilding from scratch. But abandoning my team? Never. It will be a season to look forward to, with Royal Antwerp FC and Royal Union Saint-Gilloise as opponents. Bruges is so much more than just a beautiful historic city. It’s a city with unique sports heritage, accomodating two traditional football teams in the same stadium. As football addicted as I am? Fan of traditional football teams? Want to join me to a game of Cercle Bruges? To have a pre-match tipple with my friends in our preferred football pub ‘In De Vriendschap’? Or want to attend a game of Club Bruges? Come and stay with us! Check out our ‘Football in Bruges’ package. We are happy to show you around.